Flunder vs Falcon, los datos nos avalan

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A continuación, presentamos el primero de muchos informes comparativos, que estamos preparando para uds, por ítem para ayudarte a tomar la mejor decisión entre los ROVs mas solicitados del mercado y construidos por los fabricantes mas reconocidos del globo.

A la izquierda, El Falcon, de manofactura inglesa SAAB SEAEYES, y a tu derecha, El Flunder, diseñado y fabricado en Alemania por Mariscope Meerestechnik y distribuido por nuestros representantes en distintos continentes.


*Los datos entregados corresponde a una recopilación de antecedentes publicados por cada uno de los fabricantes

  Falcon Flunder
Depth rating 300 mts 500 mts
Chasis Polypropylene Structural chassis made of AISI 316L stainless steel, hand welded (TIG) and crystal blasted.
(Length x Width x Height)
1000 x 600 x 500 mm 1200 x 800 x 400 mm
Weight in air without accesories 60 kg 60 kg
Payload max 14 kg Variable buoyancy allows payload up to 100% of the weight of the equipment
Warranty Lifetime with yearly maintenance
Cost of annual review 2.500 €
(Complete with the change of bearings)
  Falcon Flunder
Type of thruster Magnetically coupled brushless DC – Type S1-MCT01 Magnetically coupled brushless BLDC@350 V in resistant aluminum housing with anodized surface and zinc sacrificia.
Maintenance Low maintenance Maintenance free
(all maintenance done in yearly service)
Power of each thruster 300 W 400 W
Horizontal thrusters 4 4
Disposition Vectorized Vectorized
Vertical thrusters 1 2
Thrust forward 50 kgf 50 kgf
Thrust lateral 28 kgf 30 kgf
Thrust vertical 13 kgf 25 kgf
Forward speed > 3 knots >3 knots
Electronic protection Each thruster has a control unit that (in the event of overloads or blockages), protects the ROV and motor from further damage.
  Falcon Flunder
Resolution 480 TVL Full HD
Housing Salt water resistant aluminum housing with hard anodized surface.
Resolution (pixels) 510 x 492 1920 x 1080
Horizontal Field of View 91° 110°
Tilt ± 90° ± 90°
Laser pointers As optional Standard, integrated with the camera in tilting system
Focus Fixed Fixed
  Falcon Flunder
Quantity 2 LEDs 4 LEDs
Standard Configuration Fixed • 2 LED spotlights attached to the same camera tilt system that rotate simultaneously with it to ensure correct illumination at any camera position.
• 2 fixed LED spotlights installed to optimize front illumination.
Intensity Variable intensity, 3250 lumens Variable intensity up to >2.900 lumens each LED
User customization on standard configuration This configuration can be easily customized by the user, as the LED spotlights are attached to the chassis by specially designed brackets to fit the ROV frame.
  Falcon Flunder
Auto Depth maintaining Yes Yes
Auto Dive Yes
Auto Heading Yes Yes
Auto Gimbal
(automatic tilt correction to maintain the observed horizon)
Auto Altitude Optional Optional
  Falcon Flunder
Type Fiber Optics / Twisted Pair Copper multipolar higly flexible umbilical, high visibility yellow color and neutral buoyancy, and Kevlar reinforcement with 2 ton tensile strength.
Maximum lenght Max 450 m umbilical length upgradeable to 1100m length with F2 Fibre Optic Pack upgrade 1.100 mts
Data and video transmition Twisted Pair / Fibre optic data and video transmission system Real-time Full HD and data transmission to surface via highspeed Ethernet.
  Falcon Flunder
Type Rack transportable case. Installed in waterproof Pelican case.
Monitor 22″ colour high Brightness Removable Monitor High brightness 21.5″ monitor
Video Goggles Optional
Data Output USB/NMEA Output (data export) USB/NMEA/RS485/Ethernet ports
Recording Internal HDD recorder (20 hrs standard video) Internal SSD recording drive with 500 Gb/1 Tb capacity (250/500 hs standard video)
  Falcon Flunder
Case Installed in Pelicase Hull iM2050 case with carrying strap.
Conection to surface console 5 meters flying lead Wireless, with range up to 500 meters and rechargeable LiPo batteries.
Horizontal vehicle control Single 3 axis joystick for horizontal vehicle control 1 joystick for horizontal vehicle control
Vertical and lateral control Rotary trim controller for vertical thrust up or down 1 joystick for vertical and lateral vehicle control
Camera selection Yes Yes
Tilt control Yes Yes
Cluster LED selection Yes
Control for lights intensity Yes Yes
Auto pilot functions Yes Yes
Auxiliary vehicle controls (including manipulator open / close) Yes Yes
Recording control Yes
  Falcon Flunder
Input Single phase 100-270 VAC universal auto sensing power input Single-phase 110/230 V AC
Power requirements 2,8 kw Minimum 4,0 kw without accesories
Integration Integrated in the Video Console
  Falcon Flunder
Compass heading Yes Yes
Depth Yes Yes
Camera tilt position Yes Yes
Auto pilot function status Yes Yes
Umbilical turns counter Yes Yes
Vehicle pitch and roll Yes Yes
CP reading Yes Yes
Date and time Yes Yes
Lat and Long Yes Yes
Free text using a QWERTY keyboard Yes Yes
ROV power consumption Yes
  Falcon Flunder
Manipulators Optional Optional
Acoustic Tracking System Optional Optional
Sonars Optional Optional
HD Camera Optional Full HD camera as standard
Zoom camera Optional Optional
4K camera Optional Optional
Adittional cameras / lights Optional Optional

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