The ESA EO Satellite-Based Data Dissemination System(DDS)

Cristina Rodriguez; Stefano Badessi; Luigi Accia; Marco Bertinaria (2008). The ESA EO Satellite-Based Data Dissemination System (DDS). First receiver installed in Patagonia. 4th Aquarius Sac-D workshop Science Meeting in honor of Dr. Raul Colomb. December 3-5,2008. Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina.

ESA Earth Observation Data may be disseminated to users in three different ways : media support (DVD, tape, etc), electronic delivery via ground networks (i.e internet FTP) and thought electronic delivery via satellite link (i.e DDS).

DDS was introduced, in march 2002 as a full operational and reliable service for ENVISAT data dissemination serving European users, using IP over DVB-S.

IP over DVB-S with in terrestrial return link and RRMP protocol Is a reliable and much cost attractive technique in order to broadcast / multicast continuously high volume of data via satellite. The initial European coverage stretched initially over North Africa, Russia and Middle East and has been exploited for projects needing fast availability of global data.

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