Comander MKIII

Mariscope is permanently enlarging the fleet of vehicles. The new Comander MK III has been presented during the midst of 2012, as a light work-class vehicle with astonishing capabilities.
 The system is equipped with 5 special thrusters of 300 or 600 W power each.   As for all the Mariscope ROVs, these thrusters are equipped with three phasedasynchrony electric motors. This very reliable  technology allows  Mariscope to give a limited life time  warranty on the propulsion
units of its ROVs.
  As for  all Mariscope ROVs, The new MK III is manufactured of AISI 316 L stainless steel, TIG hand-welded  and  electro polished. The complete  modular  design  allows  the individual customization of each ROV. This is even a  fact for the flotation devices. Most ROVs have pre-formed flotation devices with fixed payloads.
  In the case  of the  Mariscope ROVs, the flotation can be changed according to the equipment installed on board of the vehicle. Payload may vary up to100 % if necessary, the flotation tubes can be incremented or
diminishedon the job site. Easy to adapt is the main issue of Mariscope’s ROVs. Each component of the system is designed to withstand the harshest conditions as it is the tradition of our  company since more than 20 years.
  The  ROV  can be used 24/7  and  has been tested  in   different   environments,  from  the south  pole to  northern  Germany  in order to
withstand any kind of environment.