Mariscope presents the brand new underwater vehicle MS1. This system is the most compact, versatile and highly maneuverable ROV of the Mariscope family, gathering the propulsion characteristics of the famous FOII model, improving weight-volume proportions.

With its highly flexible and thin 8 mm cable (14 mm on demand), the vehicle is the ideal solution for search and inspection tasks, diver survey and the search of improvised explosive devices (IED).

The vehicle’s development is 100 % German. The manufacturing is also carried out in Germany, according to the same quality standards as the larger models.

As for all other Mariscope ROVs, the MS 1 is a modular system, with each component in an individual housing, connected to the central unit through watertight connectors. This allows a rapid exchange in case of necessity and reduces maintenance time.

The three phase thrusters combined to a stainless steel cage and frame result in power and strength unknown in this size of vehicles. Thrusters are maintenance free, as well as the rest of the components of the MS1.

It has the ability to work in extreme environments with high current conditions. The operation through a wireless console and video glasses, allows to work from small boats and under bright sunlight.

You can compare the system to Drone, but a waterproof one!

Additionally, Mariscope gives an answer to the growing demands of the market, offering limited lifetime warranty.

With the MS 1 you get a professional ROV for a 24/7 use in a unique quality/price relation. Mariscope, ROVs Made in Germany.