Mariscope Company

Cooperations / Partnerships

Mariscope Company, presents his cooperation he has won during his career.

  • Yaqu Pacha

    From January to April 2010, was realized the recent season in terrain about the study of small cetacean, between the channels protected in the center zone and south of Chiloe’s archipelago.

    We were eight people who participated, including investigators, medical instructors and volunteers.

    Professional practices are a part of the agreement with the Austral University of Chile, where the students were evaluated satisfactorily due to their favorable work.

    Similarly, professional practices will be offered in 2010, as well as, practices to the development of the environmental education in the zone.

    During the present season we can emphasize the logistic support of the company MARISCOPE, who contributed with specific equipment for the measurement of important environmental variables during the whole season.

  • Oceana

    Oceana is the major international organization dedicated exclusively to protect the oceans worldwide. Through its campaigns based on science, Oceana generates political changes that favor the marine conservation, achieving - from the year 2001-the protection of more than 3,1 million square km of marine surface, and innumerable species of tortoises, sharks, dolphins and other marine organisms.

    With a global scope, Oceana has offices in North America, Central America, South America and Europe, and more than 500.000 followers in the whole world.