Study of monthly and seasonal faecal contamination of P.Montt

H. Toledo, C. Hernández, C. Rodríguez-Benito, V. Bittner, L. Ferreira and F. Orellana (2005) Study of monthly and seasonal faecal contamination in the coastal area adjacent to the submarine wastewater diffuser in the bay of Puerto Montt. R

The coastal area of the interior sea of the Tenth Region, including the Reloncaví Sound, is an area that since the first inhabitants settled down in their surroundings it has been impacted by domestic and industrial wastewater, as well as for agricultural, forestry and fish farming activities in the last 10 years.

The coastal area of the bay of Puerto Montt has been little studied, mainly when someone tries to evaluate the current state of the environmental conditions and further more, when pretending to know the possible impacts generated after the installation of a submarine wastewater diffuser. The present study seeks to obtain a diagnosis of the state of bacteriological contamination of the bay of Puerto Montt, by using the faecal coliform index. Five sampling stations in the coast and six in deeper waters of the bay were established, the last six parallel to the first ones.

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