Mariscope Enterprises


Mariscope Company presents alliances established during his 20 years of experience.

  • Nortek

    Nortek develops and manufactures Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) and current meters for use in the ocean, rivers, lakes and laboratories.

    They proudly present innovative product development and production processes. Nortek has a number of technological 'firsts' and several of their products are protected by US patents.

  • Sea & Sun

    Sea&Sun is a german company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and services regarding marine technologies. Its main activity is the development and manufacture of high quality sensors, instruments, software, and data collection platforms for monitoring water quality and monitoring oceanographic and other environmental technologies.

    It has its own research and development division, a department of mechanical engineering, among others, as well as a calibration laboratory.

  • ESA

    The first station is operating in Latin America since July 25th. ENVISAT is a satellite data from the European Space Agency ESA. (European Space Agency)

    This station is located in Puerto Montt, thanks to a cooperation agreement between the mentioned agency and Mariscope Company, through its Oceanography Department.

    The system is allowing us to receive data through a satellite dish that receives the information from the ESA, through the Amazonas communications satellite from Hispasat Company.

    This modern equipment has been developed by ESA to disseminate data collected by satellites. It allows the reception in very remote locations, where the Internet connection can be a technical problem to receive large amounts of data or where the information is needed in near real-time events that happen in a very dynamic in the ocean.